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About Us

Founded in 1970, Modcomp is, at its core, a solutions provider.

Modcomp is a technology company that evaluates its clients’ current technologies, and creates aligned solutions for their unique environment. Modcomp offers implementation services, network design, user training, and product maintenance for all hardware and software environments through a highly trained and skilled team of technical and sales experts. Modcomp is “vendor agnostic”; it offers the best solution available in the industry that is best suited to your needs, leveraging its third-party relationships and in-depth knowledge to develop the unique solution necessary for your business success.

Modcomp makes things happen; solving problems and not simply selling products. With a careful eye on the latest technologies to market, and ear to its customers’ needs, Modcomp is nimble enough to respond to opportunities as they arise, and boasts a corporate structure that enables ideas to quickly become realities, realigning solutions in an incredibly short time frame.

Modcomp, a publicly traded international company (NYSE: CSPI) listed in the VAR500, has over 30 years experience in technological developments and specialized areas of computing, including the very latest in Unified Communications, Storage & Disaster Recovery, Virtualization & Cloud Computing, Security & Compliance, Network Infrastructure & Design, Managed Services, Applications & Software Design.

Modcomp: Trusted, respected, innovative, and a visionary leader in revolutionary technology that can take you into the 21st century – and beyond.


Offered exclusively by Modcomp, ScadaBase™ collects, delivers, and presents real-time supervisory control and data acquisition information, accurately and quickly. Designed for industrial and utility applications, graphical displays assist plant operators with control operations to optimize processes in their plants, and process information is easily accessible for its engineers and managers. ScadaBase is designed with portable UNIX/LINUX®-based multi-user, multi-processing, and scalable capabilities. ScadaBase features exception-based processing that creates efficient low network traffic. Its modular design allows for efficiency, with easy update and add-on features, as well as a flexible user interface. Standard socket calls using interprocess communications (IPC) allow software modules to be hosted on the same system or be distributed across TCP/IP local area networks (LAN). ScadaBase is able to simultaneously support a large number of HMI operator consoles. Drivers are available for a variety of PLCs, FEPs, DCSs, RTUs, and other intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). An interface is available for SQL Relational Databases used for configuration and data storage. For more detailed information, visit

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Modcomp Executive Team

Victor Dellovo, President and CEO of CSP, Inc., parent company of Modcomp, Inc. - Victor serves as the President and CEO of CSP, Inc., parent company of Modcomp, Inc. He was appointed Interim President and CEO on August 20, 2012 and assumed the role on a permant basis on September 4, 2012 after the sudden passing of former Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Alexander R. Lupinetti. Prior to this he was the President of Modcomp's Worldwide Operations. In 2003 he was appointed the President of Modcomp's U.S. Operations when Modcomp acquired the division from Technisource Hardware. Mr. Dellovo held various positions at Technisource during this seven year tenure with the company including serving as President of the Hardware Division. Mr. Dellovo holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Mike Newbanks became the Division Controller of Modcomp Systems & Solutions in 2003 when the division was acquired from Technisource. He served as the Division Controller at Technisource hardware for a year after being promoted from Account Manager at the company. Prior to Technisource he has held various senior level and accounting management positions at ANC Rental Corporation, Alamo Rental Car, and Eastern Airlines. Mr. Newbanks holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida.

About Us