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Call Center

Call Center

An organization’s Call Center is a centralized office – or facility – equipped to handle a large volume of customer telephone requests, and handles all telephone communications with new and existing customers. A Call Center requires ample workspace for large numbers of employees, or "call agents," to perform those functions.

Call Centers typically utilize a Call Center Suite that includes tools for telephone switch functionality, intelligent routing, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response (IVR), outbound dialing, voice mail, and other necessary customer service components.

In order to provide the best possible communication experience for your customers, Call Center Management combines telephony applications and messaging technologies -- such as voice, i-chat, e-mail, instant messaging, CRM tools, web collaboration, and other tool -- with customer databasing into a unified system.

When you work with Modcomp to evaluate your organizations Call Center needs, we will incorporate IP telephony services, identify which employees interact with customers and what tools they need, determine if remote and/or home-based employees should be incorporated into the call center system, and examine call routing protocols and key performance indicators. We will also examine the myriad of ways customers interact with your business — voice, web, chat, e-mail, etc. — and incorporate them into your Call Center Plan.