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The term “compliance,” as it relates to our industry and yours, refers to governmental rules and regulations describing the legalities of how data is managed, and the need for organizations to be in compliance with those regulations. These regulations apply to data storage, data archiving, data encryption, and data retrieval. The issue of Compliance within organizations and businesses is now a major concern, due in large part to increases in regulatory requirements. The expansion of these requirements necessitates that many businesses must address Compliance issues by investing in new technologies.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which applies to all public corporations; SEC regulations requiring the retention of all electronic correspondence with clients; Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) for corporations in the healthcare industry, are only four of the regulations affecting Compliance.

At Modcomp, our security risk assessment experts identify and document vulnerabilities in your business’s computing environment, developing a remediation plan to eliminate those vulnerabilities.

The security compliance regulations establish strict protocols to protect the confidentially of data, prevent unauthorized access to information, and comply with the myriad policies established by regulatory acts, international standards, and audits.

The media are quick to investigate and report breaches of the numerous security regulations with which a company must comply by law. No one doubts the need for such regulatory oversight when it comes to the privacy and security of data, but implementing a Compliance Policy can seem daunting and even overwhelming. However, we at Modcomp know that establishing and maintaining security compliance is not as complex as it would seem. In fact, regulatory guidelines often provide us with a blueprint we can easily overlay and incorporate into your existing security management policies.