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Data Reduction and Deduplication

Data Reduction

The process of minimizing the amount of data that must be stored in a company’s data storage environment is known as Data Reduction. Engaging in Data Reduction will both reduce costs while increasing storage efficiency. Modcomp utilizes a variety of technologies to achieve Data Reduction; the most-often used method is Data Deduplication, which eliminated redundant data within your storage systems.

Data Archiving and Data Compression are two other methodologies for reducing the amount of data that must be stored on a company’s primary storage systems. Data Archiving works like it sounds, filing infrequently accessed data to secondary storage systems. Data Compression removes redundant information from individual file, thereby reducing the size of those files and the amount of storage space required to save them.

Data Deduplication

Data Deduplication --which is also referred to as "intelligent compression" or "single-instance storage" – eliminates redundant data, which in turn reduces the amount of storage space needed. With Data Deduplication, a single unique instance of the data is saved on the main storage medium. The redundant data is then replaced with a “pointer” to the unique data on the main storage medium. Typical emails systems are a perfect example of how Data Deduplication can drastically reduce storage needs. A business’s company-wide email system could contain 50 instances of the same one megabyte file attachment. When the email system is archived or backed up, all 50 copies of the attachment are saved and require 50 megabytes of storage to do so. With Data Deduplication, a single instance of the attachment is actually stored; each subsequent instance instead is referenced back to the one unique saved copy. In this example, we’ve reduced the need for 50 megabytes of storage to one megabyte.

There are additional benefits to Data Deduplication. Reduced storage space requirements save money on disk expenditures. In addition, this more efficient use of disk space provides longer disk retention periods, in turn providing better recovery time objectives (RTO) for a longer time, and drastically reduces the need for tape backups.

It is a very common set of circumstances that the average corporate network is both static and redundant, with the same files backed up multiple times on multiple devices and servers. After Data Deduplication, your company’s data will require less space on the primary system and less physical space necessary for fewer storage devices. This, in turn, translates into other savings on such costs as heating, cooling and power requirements.

At Modcomp, our task is to understand your business and its operational processes, and then help create a customized solution that supports and enhances those operational processes. Through successful information gathering, insightful analysis, and an explanation of the requirements, we are able to understand your specific needs and business processes so we can be a value-added partner to you and your organization.

Let Modcomp help you clean up your systems with Data Reduction and Deduplication, saving you valuable storage space and therefore reducing costs.