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Managed Services

Key Points

24x7 Proactive Monitoring

Performance Statistics

Trendy/Analytical Reporting

Vendor Management

Total Cost of Ownership Benefits

Managed Services

Any downtime in your IT infrastructure impacts your company’s revenue, and puts productivity and customer satisfaction at risk. In today’s ever-evolving and competitive marketplace, we know it is imperative for our customers to stay ahead of the game – and the competition. That’s why Modcomp proposes a unique service partnership between us and our customers, whereby Modcomp provides the people, processes, and tools to deliver maximized systems availability.

Our 24/7/365 Remote Network, Systems, and Application Monitoring Center watches over your network, notifying you of problems before they begin to affect your business, allowing your organization to gain significant competitive advantage by keeping your network functioning at optimum levels.


  • Over four decades’ experience managing business-critical systems.
  • Leader in high-availability, open-system support.
  • Vast array of unique predictive availability tools and methodologies.
  • Elaborate support infrastructure focused on high availability.
  • Uniform technical support delivery.


Proactive, Preventative and Predictive Support

  • Automatic and virtually immediate electronic notification of fault (or other predetermined) alerts via Remote Management Link.
  • Periodic Systems Health Checks via Remote Management Link.

Monthly or Quarterly Meetings

  • Depending on the service plan, Monthly or Quarterly meetings to review your systems configuration, alerts, and reports to identify problem areas, and assist in creating a strategic or tactical plan to address problem areas.

Four Hour Monthly Allowance (Platinum Plan Only)

  • Allowance of up to four hours per month to communicate recent developments and issues in meetings and/or provide Patch Remediation.

Software Patch Management

  • Weekly review of patches to determine which apply to your environment.
  • Routine review of critical patches to avoid potentially business-crippling problems.
  • Installation of patches and maintenance releases, at your request.

24-Hour Incident Reporting

  • Unlimited, access to our ticketing system and dashboard.
  • Customer defined call priority (via Run Book) ensures we respond with appropriate urgency.

Coverage/Response Times

  • All service levels are 24/7.
  • Response time depends on specific Support Plan ( SLA).

Customer Support Plan

  • Clearly defined support process and responsibilities, tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Service Performance Reporting

  • Quarterly or monthly record on R2-Modcomp’s performance, detailing response and resolution times.
  • Performance benchmarks against commitments outlined in your support plan (SLA)

Service Availability Reporting

  • Weekly and monthly Systems Performance Reports available via email.
  • Recommendations on how to avoid future outages, based on trend analysis.

Annual Support/Quality Reviews

  • Discussion of technical matters and review of recommendations for improved systems performance and availability.


Lowers Your IT Costs.

By leveraging Modcomp’s Managed Services, you can expect to lower your total IT operational costs by leveraging the skills of many experts for less than the cost of employing one. We are able to do so by realizing scale, and identifying problem areas before they turn into a reactive situation. This allows your IT staff to focus on other business-critical IT projects instead of constantly chasing fires or feeling understaffed.

Enhances Performance.

Modcomp utilizes effective systems that identifies negative behavior before it impacts productivity. We can act on behalf of your IT department and dispatch either our technical resources, or a manufacturer's or carrier’s resources, as well as notify your IT staff.

Maximizes the Efficiency of Your IT Personnel.

Modcomp supports your IT department with our whole support team acting as the ever-mindful, around-the-clock eyes and ears for your organization. We are always watching your network for you, even when you are not able to.

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