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Network Infrastructure & Design

Network Infrastructure & Design

In Information Technology, the “network” defines the layered infrastructure by which information is moved. Given the vital nature of a well-functioning, properly executed network, it is also acknowledged that the strength of any business network is essentially its weakest link.

Starting at the Physical Layer of the infrastructure…

  • Certifiable Cable Plant

  • Connection Points

  • Cable Management

  • Clearly Identifiable Location Maps

…are essential components of a reliable network.

Then, at the Bridging/Switching Layer…

  • Switch-Port Configurations

  • Spanning-Tree

  • Dot.1q Tagging

  • Aggregation Points

  • Layer-2 Security

…are commonly overlooked challenges within an infrastructure.

At the Routing Layer…

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Provisioning

  • Dynamic and Static Routing

  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Designs

…are fundamental aspects of an efficient business network.

With the constantly changing dynamics of applications and the potential for security breaches within an organization, visibility into the Application Layers (Layer-4,-5,-6 and -7) is now an essential in the management of an enterprise network.

Modcomp builds intelligence into the Network Design by:

  • Providing secured, unblocked connectivity to endpoints that service internal employees, customers, and partners.

  • Delivering quality, real-time support for voice, video, and multimedia applications on cohesive converged network infrastructures.

  • Ensuring access and availability of information resources to those who are authorized -- and denying access to those who are not.

  • Automating port provisioning and monitoring processes, and the prevention of unauthorized switch-port access.

Modcomp delivers Network Technology that provides your company with the ability to:

  • Control energy costs and consumption.

  • Meet regulatory requirements and business directives.

  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness of IT.

  • Drive "green" business practices, such as remote collaboration and telecommuting.

  • Optimize resource utilization and minimize e-waste.

Modcomp offers you the very latest, yet most reliable, networking technologies by staying constantly abreast of new developments. We are 100% customer-centric, and will always provide the best networking solutions for your unique needs in order to enhance your ROI.

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