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Security & Compliance


The security of your business information should start from the top down: First, by mapping Business Objectives to Security Policies that, secondly, then fall into alignment with Regulatory Compliance and finally, Standards and Practices that provide the substance of these polices. Modcomp views your organization’s security policies as Prime Strategic Directives, and the corresponding standards as the Tactical Remedies to these directives.

Unfortunately, many organizations tend to blur the line between the strategic and the tactical management of their Information Security. In many cases, security controls are reactionary rather than strategic, often implemented in response to a failed security audit.

Modcomp believes Security Policies can be driven down through your infrastructure, enabling the right people to access the right information securely.

Modcomp partners with best-of-breed “Magic Quadrant” security vendors and takes a risk-based approach to Information Security through the acquisition, development, management, and auditing of:

  • Enabling Technologies | Multifactor Authentication
  • Access Control Technologies | Application Aware Firewalls, Secured Unified Wireless
  • Protection Technologies | Key Management and Data Loss Prevention
  • Visibility Technologies | Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS)

It is Modcomp’s policy to apply a security component to all of our technology solutions, including several business-specific security offerings. From assessments, to pre- and post-audit fault mitigation, to solution deployments, Modcomp is your most trusted security advisor, and your go-to partner for the complex task of Information Security.

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