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Modcomp recognizes that the exponential growth of corporate data is one of the largest challenges for which companies must plan. The explosive growth in data that must be stored presents businesses with many distinct challenges. One of these challenges is right-sizing environments – that is, placing data on the right type of storage medium that balances the need for performance and cost of the investment.

Modcomp’s certified engineers will assist you in evaluating your infrastructure, help plan for future projects, or become part of a virtual team on your next deployment. Modcomp strives very hard to bring you choices in best-of-breed services. At Modcomp, we combine our knowledge of best practices with our years of extensive experience designing unique, custom environments for our clients.

Planning for the inevitability of data growth presents challenges in your company’s ability to scale and anticipate future upgrade paths. Early planning, and competent and realistic sizing of solutions, ensure a solution that will last its expected lifespan. Otherwise, unexpected growth -- and the ability to adjust scale to fit that growth -- can create challenges that could shorten the expected useful life of storage.

In addition to managing data growth comes the need to ably manage that data. At a minimum, businesses must consider the amount of labor and the complexity of adding additional storage to an existing array, and the infrastructure that the new storage will consume.

Under this scenario, challenges with backing up and restoring the data will only become more difficult and apparent. This parallels the growth of the challenges your business faces with mandatory regulatory compliance, such as SOX.

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